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2020 Books Read

Here's what I read in 2020 (regularly updated throughout the year).

Catechist Resources

This is a listing of catechist resources I've found helpful over the years. Hope it helps you!

    Marian Resources

    My devotion to Mary has grown over the years, and since I've been getting an increasing number of requests for my favorite Marian recommendations, here you go. 

      My Books

      Another audio experience done and vastly enjoyed. I’ve forgotten so much! And maybe I’m hearing and noticing different things as I listen and fold and wash and chauffeur. One more to go, and then maybe I’ll start reading them aloud to my boys. Because oh, such fun should be shared. ...

      9 1

      @paulinebooksandmedia and Fr Gregory Cleveland, OMV, have put together a treasure trove exploring Mama Mary in light of the Song of Songs. It has scripture and discussion questions and prayer exercises, the latter two of which I plan to come back to. I read a chapter a day, diving in with all my gray matter and finding myself engaged and comforted in a way I haven’t been by a spiritual book in a while. This could be a retreat, and it could be a yearly reread. Doesn’t hurt that Song of Songs is one of my faves. Also doesn’t hurt that Fr Cleveland is a fantab writer. Definitely a new favorite of mine, and a highlighted read of this year.

      14 3

      This is one of my favorite images of Mama Mary, Our Lady of the Southern Cross, and one that, like my girl Guadalupe (who I realize is the same person in different clothes), comforts me. During my prayer time this morning, I remembered her...and I changed my lock screen and background to her image. Because sometimes, something small like that is a very big thing. 💙 ...

      45 8

      Just, you know, finally reading a book I’ve seen lauded around and faces out in bookstores. I was leery, but I liked it. And I may read it aloud to my own gorilla boy. Or not. #inajuniebgroove What’s your fave Newberry Medal book? ...

      10 1

      The ridiculous in my life is not limited to humans. Yes, that’s a cat on a cookie sheet on a chair. Have a good day! ...

      33 4

      A WW2 novel with forgeries and romance and suspense and a dash of mystery. I really enjoyed it, and especially appreciated the author’s note at the end. 👍🏻❤️ ...

      22 7

      I’m a sucker for homemade gifts. I’m a double sucker when it’s something this lovely. On the one hand, how can I possibly use this? On the other hand, how much joy will there be in having this as part of the dish towel rotation? #totallyusuingit ...

      31 1

      Flashback to a different season in our lives and a picture that captures my heart every time it resurfaces. (Loving that feature of the iOS update, not gonna lie.) ...

      55 7

      First rate. Agatha Christie’s debut novel, and I didn’t even come close to having it figured out. Something to love about audiobooks: I got the right pronunciation for the French (I took Spanish). What has your attention? ...

      10 5

      It’s good of the husband to have a spot for Her Highness, don’t you agree? ...

      25 2

      I’m enjoying my way through the Enola Holmes series, but you know what’s struck me? Her mom. Not going to spoil things, so I’ll just say...my thoughts on her mom are really getting fleshed out. As the second in a middle grade series, I’m a fan and if these had been around in my girlhood, I likely would have tried to be Enola myself. These are also reminding me of the pleasures of a mystery. 🧐 What are you reading? ...

      20 5

      Why yes, a new washer is especially exciting (even when the old one wasn’t even 3 🤬😱). And I’m just going to embrace the joy of laundry in light of this self-clean function, which I may be running hourly with the backup I have after 48 hours... 🤨 But seriously. Who needs football? #dontanswerthat #gobucks ...

      14 1